Losing excess body fat, maintaining wellness, improving athletic performance, or slowing the rate of aging are dependent on what you put on your plate. We understand that changing your eating habits can be difficult. However, we provide you with nutrition guidance with products, continuing education regarding food groups, and personal support that makes eating change possible for you.

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Your food choices each day affect your health — how you feel today, tomorrow, and in the future. … Combined with physical activity, your eating habbits  can help you to reach and maintain a healthy weight, reduce your risk of chronic diseases (like heart disease and cancer), and promote your overall health.


Using the nutrition guidelines as your map, choose nutrient-dense foods and beverages from all the food groups to meet your nutritional needs, protect your health, and help you achieve and maintain a healthy weight. Our Nutrition Guidance gives you access to a huge food list with measurements. At the end of the day you are choosing what you eat, the secret is in measurements.


Nutrition education is an essential component in improving eating habits and food choices, in order to reverse the undernutrition and improve the nutritional diagnosis. Poor dietary habits and lack of physical activity can be the main reason for poor nutritional status among older adults.


Nutrition can help enhance athletic performance. An active lifestyle and exercise routine, along with eating well, is the best way to stay healthy.  Having a good food choice can help provide the energy you need to finish a race, or just enjoy a casual sport or activity.


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Please give us a call or fill out our contact form with information on which services you would be interested in.

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During consultations, we will discuss your goals, type of training, estimate the needed time to achieve your goal, arrange the best suitable time for your sessions. This ensures that everything is tailored specifically for you.

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Based on all the collected information, Lukasz will create a customized workout plan and a customized meal plan just for you.  All it left for you is to show up on your scheduled session and smash your goals!

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Hannah O'NeillDublin

I have had the privilege of having Lukasz as my personal trainer for almost a year now. He is focused on helping me achieve my goals and makes every session challenging (& somehow fun). My fitness level has increased noticeably. He is extremely reliable and punctual, he is knowledgeable, motivating and pushes you to do your best. I would highly recommend him.

Eve CrawfordDublin

Lukasz is a detail oriented personal trainer that always seek to push his clients to the next level in a way that is safe. He always encourages his clients to set goals and I have to tell you achieving those goals that you set is such a good feeling. I have been working out with Lukasz for a year now, and he always impresses me with his deep knowledge base and never ending support.

Marius JopekPoznań

Highly recommend Lukasz! He is awesome. He really helped me put my health into prospective. His customized nutrition program is done in a way where you do not feel deprived nor do you even deprive yourself of anything. Lukasz provides you with the tools to become more attuned with your body and to make positive lifestyle changes.

Zak ReidKilkenny

Lukasz was my perfect choice to help me on my journey to better eating. He was so empathetic and clearly understood my needs and desires. Lukasz is incredibly knowledgeable and is able to apply her skills to assist in developing an eating strategy for better health. And I have adjusted my eating and changed many of my poor eating habits. My husband even joined me in this lifestyle change.

Mark DawnayDublin

Dealing with a shoulder injury, Lukasz got me back on track and took the time to tailor a program that fit me perfectly. I've been training with Lukasz for over 6 months now, and I can safely say I will never be switching trainers again. Great results and a great guy.


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